In Daaa … SnowBiz!, the third and final installment of B-movie maestro Boone Weller’s madcap cinematic epic Margarito and the Snowman, the Snowman rises from humble street vendor to Emperor of Ice Cream thanks to an ancient Mayan magic potion. A Texas-size tale of rampant entrepreneurship gone awry, featuring a packed cast of characters including women warriors and femme fatales, an elegant but ruthless drug cartel boss and a William Burroughs-like mad scientist, a wildly popular Black female TV personality, an invisible pixie-like creature and a curmudgeonly feline spirit animal, a former drug dealer and war vet turned street preacher, and his son, a brilliant young Harvard law grad who morphs overnight into a manipulative, gaslighting Iago.

“The surrealistic comic epic novel/movie/Tex-Mex fever dream that began with Margarito and the Snowman (2016) . . . reaches a satiating conclusion in Daa … SnowBiz!, a cartoonish satire of rapacious capitalism peppered with scenes of poverty and environmental degradation.

–Steven Moore, Goodreads

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