Margarito and the snowman


The edgy B-grade movie maestro Boone Weller takes us south of the border and down ol’ Mexico way with los guys, a comedy troupe of ancient Mayans in modern guise, and the existentially challenged Snowman, whose job, in a Bradburyian twist, is not to keep the mean streets of America safe and free of ice and snow, but to bury the nation in the frozen white stuff year-round, compounding the absurdity of an obligatory, 365 days a year Christmas celebration, told in shoot from the hip Texas style, loose and rangy and battered with an attitude, and bound to offend everybody.

“Turbo-charged lunacy, first-class wordplay, and a dangerously unhinged comic style blasts this insanely incoherent performance into the realm of the essential.” Verbivoracious

“swirling kaleidoscopic streams of prose that smack of Pynchon channeling Kerouac.” Austin Chronicle

“…a madcap, shaggy dog tale set along the U.S.–Mexico border. . . .Throw Under the Volcano into a blender with Cat’s CradleFinnegans WakePedro Páramo, and the collected works of Charles Bowden, and you have something approaching REYoung’s latest.” Kirkus Review

This is the novel Hunter S. Thompson might have written had he not killed himself.” Steven Moore, author of The Novel: an Alternative History